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4 Signs You Need Heater Repair

Heaters are, unfortunately, not indestructible. As the years go by, wear and tear can take place, leading to damage and making it harder for your heater to work efficiently.

At Express Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand the important role heaters play in protecting your home from cold winter temperatures. That’s why we’re here to help you know what signs to look for when determining if you need a heater repair for your system.

High Energy Bills

Even when your heater is working as it should, using your system also means that you’re using energy. However, if there’s something wrong with your unit, it will have to work harder to provide your home with heat. This means that it will have to use even more energy trying to do the same job, and this will be reflected in your energy bill.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure you pay attention to your energy bills. If there’s any rise that you can’t account for, it may be a sign that you’re in need of a heater repair to get your system working efficiently again.

Yellow Or Orange Pilot Light

If you have a gas furnace, looking at your pilot light can help you identify when something is wrong with your system. If nothing is wrong and your furnace is working as it should, the pilot light should be burning with a blue color to its flame.

If you notice that your pilot light has taken a yellow or orange color, you should contact a professional for help as this is a sign that something is wrong. It could be an indicator that something such as dirt is clogging your system, but it may also lead to greater problems such as a carbon monoxide leak into your home. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous, and can lead to the following symptoms and more:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Unconsciousness

Exposure to carbon monoxide for too long can even be fatal. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, get out and report the problem to the city, or call 911 in the case of emergencies.

Uneven Heating

If your furnace is in good condition, you should be able to count on it to heat your home evenly and reliably. However, a damaged unit will find it more difficult to run efficiently, meaning it will have a harder time warming your home. As a result, you may notice that some parts of your home are left cool or that the heating is inconsistent across different parts of your home.

If you notice uneven heating in your home, Express Air is more than happy to help! Our team of highly skilled technicians can help fix your broken heater so that you can stay warm this winter!

Unusual Noises

If your heater begins to make strange noises, this is a big sign that it needs a repair. While some level of noise is to be expected from a heater, it should not be making sounds outside of what you’ve grown used to.

If you notice your furnace has recently gotten louder or has begun making rattling, banging or squeaking sounds, a professional can inspect your unit and identify the damage that has occurred. For example, strange noises could be the result of a part coming undone in your system. Luckily, trained technicians can help you repair your system so that it’s working properly again.

Get Preventative Care With Furnace Maintenance

Finding yourself in need of a heater repair isn’t a fun situation to be in. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your unit and help it last longer. An important step you can take for your unit is having annual furnace maintenance done each year.

These tune-ups are best to have done in the fall before the need for your heater grows. This provides technicians the chance to inspect your system and repair any problems they may find. This maintenance can extend your system’s lifespan and prevent any damage from getting worse over time.

Call Express Air For Professional Service!

The professional team at Express Air is ready to help provide your heater with repair, maintenance and installation services you can trust! Our team is trained to meet the needs of your heating system, and we even provide 24-hour emergency services to help you achieve comfort for your home as fast as possible.

To schedule your heating services, give Express Air Conditioning and Heating a call today or visit our website!

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