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Once your HVAC system has done the work of heating or cooling your air, it counts on your air ducts to take the air to the finish line. Without air ducts that are working correctly, your air may as well be pumped straight outside for all the good it does your home. Luckily, air duct services in Pensacola have never been easier to find!

Express Air Conditioning and Heating is here to make your air duct replacement stress-free. With qualified installers and transparent recommendations, you can count on us to always keep your needs at the top of our list. Are your air ducts ready to be replaced? Keep reading to find out!

Air Duct Deterioration

Some of the main reasons why your air ducts might need to be replaced are related to time and deterioration of the air duct materials themselves. Keep in mind that most air ducts are vulnerable to these effects as time passes or when incidents occur.

Air Duct Age

First and foremost, you should determine the age of your ducts. If you installed the duct network, you can look back in your records. If you inherited the ducts with the purchase of your home, you may need to estimate the age based on the information you have. Air ducts — like HVAC systems — can last upwards of 10 years. With proper care and attention, they can last even longer! Once your ducts reach age 10, start looking out for any other signs that they are not performing as well as they should.

Visible Damage

If you notice that a portion of your ducts has collapsed or sustained significant damage, you may need to replace at least a part of the ductwork. Insects and other critters can also chew holes in your ducts, letting precious air escape. A professional will be able to evaluate if the problem requires air duct repairs or a full replacement.

Air Duct Operation

Your air ducts play an important role in the quality and comfort of your air. Don’t ignore a small annoyance with your air simply because you think it’s normal. Pay attention to some of these symptoms of air duct issues.

Hot & Cold Spots

If your home experiences hot and cold areas that you can’t explain or low airflow, don’t suffer through it! While some causes of low airflow can be repaired, incorrectly sized air ducts often have to be replaced. Your HVAC system relies on a specifically designed and executed duct network to deliver the volume of air it produces. If the original installers failed to calculate this correctly, you could be looking at installing accurately sized ducts.

Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever turned on your HVAC system only to smell a foul odor coming from your vents? Odors are not uncommon in air ducts, but they should always be addressed by a professional. The source of the smell could be anything from a rodent carcass to a gas leak to mold. No matter what, you want to make sure that your air ducts are clean — even if that means replacing the affected portion.

Do You Need New Air Ducts?

If you’ve repaired your air ducts more than once or are experiencing some symptoms of deterioration, Express Air Conditioning and Heating is the answer! Our team is ready to evaluate your ductwork and report the best recommendations for your home. Don’t waste time with other local HVAC companies who might not be able to help. Our team is just a call away!

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