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Air Duct Repairs In Pensacola

Express Air Conditioning and Heating is the team to call on for your air duct repair needs.

Did you know that your air ducts can be responsible for up to 40% of energy loss? Between your hard-working HVAC system and your home, a lot of air and temperature can be lost along the way. After paying to heat or cool your home, you definitely don’t want your air to escape before it reaches you!

When you suspect your air ducts need help, Express Air Conditioning and Heating is your best option. Our team is dedicated to locating the air duct problem and providing you with effective air duct repairs. We’ve seen it all here in Pensacola, so you can be sure that we’ve got you covered!

air ducts in attic in need of a repair

Common Air Duct Repairs

Your air ducts are out of sight and mind for most of the year, so how are you supposed to know that there’s even a problem? Great question! Our experts at Express Air have compiled a list of some of the most common duct problems they repair. The faster you can recognize the symptoms of these repairs, the faster we can get to your home and fix them!

Duct Obstructions

If there are any objects blocking your air ducts, the air can’t pass through them at a regular flow rate. This can cause the air to move slowly, letting heat or cold taper off by the time it gets to your home. Obstructions can be foreign objects or they can even be pieces of the air duct that have fallen into the path of the air. Obstructions can be recognized visibly or by the presence of low airflow into your home.

Air Duct Cracks and Holes

When cracks and holes form in the air duct, air leaks out as it passes by. Tiny holes can be made by insects or other critters calling your attic home. Other factors like age and exposure could lead to leaks in your air ducts too. Our team uses air pressure technology and professional-grade sealant to fill in air duct holes and prevent leaks from occurring.

Inadequately Sized Ducts

If the air duct installation team doesn’t measure your airflow correctly, your air ducts might be too small for the amount of air flowing through them. You might notice low airflow or wear and tear on your unit as it tries to force too much air down the air ducts. Our specialists can find the solution that works for your home, including replacements or adjustments to make the air ducts more efficient.

Disruptive Air Duct Sounds

It’s pretty common to hear a low thud when your HVAC system turns on. This is the air duct walls reacting to the sudden flow of air. If you hear loud or more disruptive sounds, your air ducts need to be looked at! Loud noises can indicate obstructions, damage and leaking air. Your best option is to get assistance from a professional.

Your Air Duct Repair Team

Express Air Conditioning and Heating is here to serve you. That’s why we put our customers first every single time. If you suspect that your air ducts need some attention, call on the team that will fix it right the first time. Contact us today!

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