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Dangers Of DIY Heater Installation

At Express Air Conditioning and Heating, we encourage our customers to take care of heater maintenance tasks and get to know their heaters, but some things should always be left to the professionals. We’re always looking out for the safety of you and your home, so you can trust us when we recommend professional heater replacement services to start your investment off right.

Plus, professional heater installation from a team as efficient as ours will be hassle-free and give you peace of mind going forward. Keep reading to learn some of the dangerous consequences of DIY heater installations.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

You may be confident in your skills or just trying to reduce your expenses by replacing your heater yourself, but the risk isn’t worth it — especially when lives are at stake. For gas heaters specifically, the risk for carbon monoxide (CO) leaks and poisoning is far greater if an unlicensed person installs the unit.

CO is created during the combustion process, but it should be expelled from the home if the system is working correctly. A simple mistake with the ventilation, a bump to the heat exchanger or a missed deformation from the manufacturer could easily lead to deadly carbon monoxide leaking into your home. This entire scenario can be avoided by letting a certified installer take care of every detail.

Natural Gas Leak

Again, gas furnaces use natural gas to create heat that is transferred to your air. This requires your furnace to be hooked up to a natural gas supply. If not done correctly, gas can leak into your home in dangerous amounts. Not to mention that even a small leak could cost you a lot of money as the gas escapes unnoticed! Gas leaks can cause flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing and lightheadedness, among other dangerous effects!

Inefficient Heater Performance

If you manage to install a heater safely, you could still be facing massive consequences with the efficiency and performance of the system over time. Heaters may be built to last over a decade, but that doesn’t guarantee they will work properly that entire time. Mechanically, DIY installation can cause the system to be off-balance, not bolted down correctly or even damaged during the process. One of the top causes of inefficiency in HVAC systems is poor installation — and that’s from other professional installation companies!

If you want your new system to be correctly connected to the air ducts, fuel source, ventilation and more, you need professional help. Luckily, Express Air has a team that will exceed your expectations.

Property Damage

Heaters are not small appliances, and they can be difficult to transport and install without proper equipment. By installing the system yourself, you have to worry about the old unit as well as moving the new unit to the installation area. Along the way, how many door jams will you knock into? How much dirt and grime will be left on your floors? How many muscles will you pull?

A professional team like ours has equipment, techniques and manpower to ensure the installation proceeds smoothly. Plus, we do everything in our power to keep your home as clean as we found it, including wearing floor savers and cleaning up completely before we leave. We even remove your old unit and dispose of it safely.

Sometimes, The Easy Way Is The Best Way!

Express Air Conditioning and Heating can take some of that stress off your shoulders. Let us install your new heater, and you worry about getting your home comfortable again. You can count on us to provide a friendly and thorough service that keeps you in the loop the entire time. When you need heater replacement services, give us a call!

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