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Can I Replace My Air Ducts Myself?

If your air ducts are past the point of repair, a replacement may be the most effective way to restore your home comfort. This issue may leave you wondering, “Can I Replace my ductwork by myself?” The answer is yes, you can replace your air ducts yourself, but you shouldn’t. This job includes multiple hazards that are best avoided when left to a professional technician.

Are you a homeowner in need of a professional air duct replacement? If so, Express Air Conditioning and Heating is here for you. Our team has the skills and expertise to assist with your ventilation needs. Keep reading to learn why a professional installation is the best choice for your home.

Why Shouldn’t I Perform DIY Ductwork Installation?

There are many do-it-yourself tasks you can perform in your home. Painting old furniture and pulling weeds are simple home improvement tasks that can benefit your living conditions. However, DIY ventilation replacement is a task you should leave to an HVAC expert. Doing this task on your own isn’t recommended because:

When you hire one of our professionals to perform a duct replacement, you can find peace of mind knowing these components have been installed correctly. You’ll reduce the risk of energy losses, potentially boosting your savings. An efficient installation will also ensure the material provides your home with consistent comfort.

How Does Professional Air Duct Replacement Work?

The air duct installation process is no easy feat. Our experienced technicians use precision and care when adding this component to your home. Knowing how the process works will give you a better understanding of your home’s ventilation system.

Design And Plan Installation Layout

A proper duct design will set your home up for success. An HVAC expert will map out where the vents should go in your home to provide efficient airflow. They will take multiple factors into account during this step, such as the size of your home and your heating and cooling needs.

Choose The Correct Ductwork

When it comes to picking out ducts, our team will pick what works best with your HVAC system. There are options such as fiberglass hoses or sheet metal. The material chosen will vary and depend on your household needs.

Install The Ducts

During the installation process, our experts will place the materials in the proper location. If applicable, they’ll work with existing ductwork to ensure the layout is efficient. Our technicians will act carefully to avoid bending the material, preventing future airflow obstructions. They will efficiently seal the joins and provide the proper support to maintain the components.

Inspect The Installation

Once this project is complete, a professional will check that your HVAC system is communicating with your new ducts. They’ll perform thorough quality control checks to verify the installation follows building codes and meets industry standards.

Replace Air Ducts With Ease

When you’re in need of reliable air vent ducting services, count on Express Air Conditioning and Heating to lend a helping hand! Our team is honored to have served Pensacola and surrounding areas since 2003. You can expect stellar services that exceed your expectations, providing your home with consistent, year-round comfort. Contact us today to schedule your next ductwork installation!

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