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Why Is My AC Making A Rattling Sound?

When you hear your air conditioner make a weird noise that is unfamiliar to you, your first instinct might be to assume the worst and hold onto your wallet tightly. However, there’s a chance that the issue could be as simple as cleaning out your unit or tightening up some loose bolts and screws.

Check out some of the most common reasons as to why your AC could be rattling.

Outdoor Debris

When you have an outside AC unit, there’s a pretty good chance it will get dirty with debris from time to time. If you start to notice a lot of leaves and twigs on top of and/or around your unit, you may want to call a professional to clean out your AC unit. In this case, the rattling noise you hear could be coming from all of the debris stuck inside the unit that’s being tossed around.

Loose Hardware

Sometimes when your AC unit is making weird noises, it could mean that your unit is starting to deteriorate – or it could mean that it has a few loose screws here and there. Either way, you should get it checked out. Loose hardware can be an easy fix for a professional, but it may also be your first sign of a more serious problem that your unit is having.

Old Age

Every AC unit has a lifespan, and sometimes the best way for your unit to tell you it needs to retire is by making odd noises. You may realize that you’ve had your unit for a long time when it starts to rattle – in this case, age could be the issue you’re facing. Talking to a professional to discuss getting a new unit will be the best fix for this problem.

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