Fight Humidity In Your Home

Tips for Fighting Humidity in Your Home

Florida is known for a variety of things, such as beaches, seafood, shopping and sports. Whether you are vacationing or permanently residing in the southeast, you can always count on one lingering factor: humidity.

Humidity is an across-the-board, understood term that reminds people of just how wet the weather can get. Because of Florida’s rollercoaster weather, your home is essential to look out for when fighting those sticky days. With the help of your AC, humidity will be a thing of the past.

Air conditioners are known to blow cool air into your home. What most people forget is that your air conditioning system additionally removes moisture and humidity. Through this cycle, the refrigerant in each system absorbs heat and excess moisture while passing through the expansion valve. The remnants are then transferred through the evaporator coil outside and away from the home.

Technicalities aside, there are a few pointers to further consider regarding your air conditioning.

A helpful tip for optimizing your AC effectiveness is to examine the size of your unit. The size of your AC unit is not about its actual size, but it’s about cooling capacity. Before an AC system is installed in your home, a professional should carefully consider system the right size system you need.

Additionally, take time to do an annual check on your filters, coils and all other HVAC maintenance duties. By doing so, you will be correctly prepared for seasons to come. Getting into a regular habit of thinking about humidity prevention never hurts, especially in Florida!

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