Niceville AC Repair

Niceville residents get to enjoy access to the Emerald Coast, beautiful beaches and so much more. But with the beaches can come extreme weather. From the scorching summers to chilly winters, you need a reliable HVAC unit. If your air conditioning system is on the fritz give us a call. Whatever the issue is we can perform a thorough diagnosis test to determine what needs to be done. Express Air technicians are familiar with all types of air conditioners and are equipped to work on your AC unit.

Niceville AC Installation

When your air conditioner is beyond repair, let Express Air find you the right replacement. Our team of professional AC installers will determine your needs and present you with the best options for your home at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and to help you keep your home comfortable for your family. At Express Air, high prices and slow service won’t keep you from enjoying a high-quality air conditioning system.

Niceville Air Duct Cleaning

Do your allergies seem worse at home? Do you find yourself constantly sneezing or sniffling when you should be relaxing and unwinding? You may need your air ducts cleaned. Over time air ducts and air vents collect dust, pollen and other irritants. These then can then re-circulate through your ventilation system.

For years Express Air has provided air conditioning repair and installation services to the Niceville area. We only employ trained AC professionals and believe that our customers deserve the best. Contact us today to schedule a service call!

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