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How to Fix a Frozen AC

In Florida, many consider the AC unit the holy grail of the home, keeping the humid air out and the cool air in – everything working in perfect harmony. However, all that can quickly come to a stop when your AC unit freezes up. Ironically, a frozen AC unit usually equals a stop to its function of pumping cool air throughout your home. Instead, it begins to let out warm or room temperature air. Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean you have to replace your entire unit. Here is how to fix a frozen AC before jumping on the phone with an AC company.

Turn it off
Step one of dethawing your AC unit is to turn it off. A running unit is what caused the freeze in the first place, and not turning it off will only worsen the problem and waste money.

Turn on the Fan
Turning on the fan will help to speed up the dethawing process, but only do this after the unit has been off for a while, letting the initial dethawing to take place.

Dry Coils
The last thing you want to deal with is mildew and the odor that comes along with it. It is key that you remember to wipe down any excess water around the coils of your AC unit after the ice is completely melted.

Turn it on and Cool Down
After the ice has dethawed and the coils have been wiped down, it is time to turn your unit back on. This time your unit should be back to its cool-air-pumping ways.

Although these steps aren’t too difficult, waiting for ice to melt isn’t a quick process. One of the easiest ways to prevent a frozen AC is to regularly change your air filters.

If this problem continues to occur, call Express Air Conditioning so we can get a licensed technician to repair your unit.

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