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4 Air Duct Tips For Better AC Efficiency

The AC is the powerhouse of your HVAC system. It cools or heats your air whenever you need it, keeping your home comfortable all year long. But without the network of ducts delivering your air straight to your vents, you wouldn’t have conditioned air at all! That’s why it’s so important to make sure your air ducts provide you with efficient airflow and higher indoor air quality.

The team at Express Air recommends some of the following techniques, including HVAC duct cleaning, to ensure your air ducts are a healthy component for your entire air regulation system.

How To Keep Your Air Ducts Efficient

Change Air Filters

Your air filters are designed to trap harmful contaminants in the air so that you don’t breathe them in every day. However, particles in the air are also potentially harmful to the inner components of your AC unit. When small specks of dirt, dust and moisture make their way inside your unit, they can stick to important pieces like the coils or fans and create a coat of grime over time.

Changing your air filters regularly will promote cleaner air in your home and inside the HVAC system, allowing every component to do its job more efficiently. Set a reminder for yourself to check and replace your air filters every few months — or more often if you have pets!

Air Duct Cleaning

Some HVAC companies clean air ducts as part of a Pensacola AC cleaning, but you should find a way to have your AC ducts cleaned if you are concerned that your ductwork is causing problems in your home. Air conditioning maintenance should include every part of your HVAC system, and our team understands how important that is.

Seal The Ducts

Your air ducts see a massive amount of air pass by every single day, and unfortunately, ducts are prime places for air to escape. Tiny holes or cracks in the seal can be the cause of huge energy loss for you every month — which you are likely to see reflected in your monthly bill!

Calling a professional to use high-quality sealant on your air ducts is the best way to ensure that your ducts can efficiently transport your air to your home. Not only will your monthly bill decrease, but your air conditioning unit will be relieved of constantly straining to produce cool air that is just escaping out of the ducts.

Reevaluate Duct Size

During installation, a quality HVAC contractor should install properly sized ducts that will be able to provide the amount and temperature of the air you want.

If your ducts were not installed properly, you may feel inadequate airflow or inconsistent cooling around the home. This can contribute to inefficiencies in your AC production because the ducts and the AC don’t match. It might be time to reevaluate how your ducts were designed and determine whether improvements can be made.

Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning Or Inspection?

Whenever you suspect your air ducts are giving you trouble, our team can be there to help you. With years of experience on our side, we know there’s no problem too big for us to solve. Let us get your home comfortable and efficient as soon as possible. Contact Express Air for more information on air duct efficiency!

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