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Why Your HVAC System Smells Musty

With the summer months quickly approaching, you want to make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly. The cool air from your AC is exactly what you need with the temperatures beginning to rise – but what you don’t need is a musty smell coming from your air vents. There are a few common causes that make your HVAC system smell musty and for that smell to spread throughout your home, so let’s talk about them. And more importantly, let’s talk about the ways to fix the smell.


Causes and Solutions

Sometimes when an issue like this arises, we just want the bad smell gone for good – so we don’t even question what caused it in the first place. But it’s important to understand why it happened so that you can catch it the moment it happens again. Here are some of the common causes and how you can work with them to get rid of the smell.


Condensation build-up

If your AC is not draining correctly while it’s running, the build up of condensation can become like sitting water in your HVAC unit. This, in turn, will cause mold in your unit. So how do you fix this? Call a professional so they can find the mold build-up and clean it out properly. Once this is gone, the smell will be, too.


A leak in the air duct

When there is a leak in your air duct, even if it is small, mildew can find a way to grow there. If the cause of the musty smell in your home is from a leak in your air duct, call a professional so that they can get it checked for mold growth and patched up as soon as possible.


Evaporator Coil is dirty

Your evaporator coil is bound to get dirty at some point – just think of all of the dust and debris that flows by it on a daily basis. When this happens, mold will grow and thrive. The evaporator coil in your unit is in a dark, warm place, exactly what mold wants. So when this happens, call a professional and have them come clean out your coil.


It’s always safest to call a professional when it comes to having to get inside of your HVAC unit. Call Express Air at the first sign of your system smelling musty so we can fix it for you!



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