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What is Flex Ductwork?

August 10, 2022 | Blog

If your home comes with ductwork, or you decide installing ducts is a better match for your home than a ductless AC, you’ll have two options to choose from. Your choice ultimately comes down to metal ductwork or a combination of metal and flex ductwork. Having a full understanding of all ductwork materials will help homeowners decide which ductwork will best improve the energy efficiency of their Pensacola air conditioner.

But what is flex ductwork? Is it better than regular ductwork? More importantly, is the price worth it? If these questions leave you feeling uncertain, don’t worry! When it comes to AC decisions, you never have to make them alone — Express Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help. Below, we describe what flex ductwork is, what it’s made of and its benefits to your home.

What Makes Flex Ductwork Different?

Just like the name suggests, flex ductwork is flexible! An integral part of any Pensacola air conditioner, this ductwork consists of long tubes that fit into awkward spaces, corners and angles that rigid ductwork can’t. Connecting the heating and cooling system’s ductwork to air distribution, flexible ductwork is mounted in ceilings and walls and made up of grills and registers.

Additionally, when attached with zip ties or metal band clamps, these ducts can be used alongside regular ductwork by attaching them to supply outlets. For HVAC contractors, this is a great option, as they can create a system that fits any home and any size.
All the action of flex ductwork takes place inside — fiberglass insulation assures that air temperature remains optimal. Concerned that flex ductwork will ruin the appearance or compromise the safety of your home? There’s no need to be!

Flexible ductwork isn’t installed where it’ll be visible. Instead, it’s placed in attics, crawl spaces and roofs. Speaking of roofs, we use their beams, along with some extra support, to make sure the ductwork isn’t sagging or bowing anywhere. When installed correctly, the insulation provided by this ductwork ensures good energy efficiency.

Flex Ductwork Materials

As stated above, flexible ductwork has a metal exterior. For the inside material, rubber, PVC, stainless steel, silicone, polyurethane and neoprene-dipped polyester fabric are all popular choices. Depending on what your home’s needs are, a professional can help you determine the best match for your home.

Commercial buildings in areas with extreme climates need their ductwork to ensure a long lifespan by being temperature resistant. If you live in or own a commercial building, consider rubber, PVC, stainless steel or silicone ductwork. Additionally, silicone and PVC offer the highest quality for air handling environments over other metals. However, keep in mind that silicone can’t handle interior damage during extreme weather conditions. For abrasive resistance, it’s recommended to use rubber or polyurethane.

How Is Flex Ductwork Beneficial To Your Home?

Flex ductwork can allow your air regulation to be adaptive and custom to your needs. With flexible positioning, you never have to worry about limited airflow when designing your new HVAC system!

Flex ductwork is also easier to install than metal ductwork ‚— a plus for both you and your HVAC contractors! However, as such ductwork needs support, it needs to be installed correctly to avoid any dips or bends when moving along an attic ceiling.

Additionally, the cost of installation is much cheaper than metal ductwork. When it comes to cost, flex ductwork is considered one of the most efficient crawl space ductwork options. That, and the fact that professional labor charges cost less, makes this ductwork a great option for homeowners with other priorities or a limited budget. We don’t know about you, but any money saver sounds good to us.

Get Your Ductwork Ready Today!

Think flex ductwork might be for you? Want to know more about whether it’ll benefit your home or not? Whether you’re ready for Pensacola air conditioner installation or need some extra advice, contact the professionals at Express Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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