Can Rain Damage Your Outdoor Unit

April showers bring May flowers, but can it also bring June damage to your outdoor HVAC unit? With the rainy season here, you may start to worry about your items that stay outside of your home. Don’t let the rain get the best of you – or your outdoor AC unit. Here are a few risks to look out for that may occur with frequent rain.


Flooding damage

The biggest concern when it comes to heavy rains and an outdoor unit is flooding. Your HVAC unit is made to withstand different weather conditions – so if there is light to moderate rain happening, your unit should be just fine. However, if the rain gets to a point where flooding begins to occur, it could get messy. Your unit is not meant to be submerged in water, so flooding will cause issues.


Strong wind damage

Another issue that goes hand-in-hand with rain and your outdoor unit can be strong winds. During a storm, fast winds can pick up different objects and toss them around. If a large object gets tossed into your HVAC unit, there could be a problem. Aside from large objects, dust and debris can be blown into your unit and clog it up as well. Before you turn your unit back on, it’s best to check it out after a storm passes.


Rain itself won’t harm your outdoor unit, but what the rain brings with it just might. If you suspect a big storm coming, call a professional for advice on how to prevent any damage. Or if a big storm has just passed, call a professional to take a look at your AC unit before turning it back on.


If you think it’s time to get your outdoor unit checked out, call Express Air so we can help!


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