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Most Common HVAC Problems in Florida

Having a working air conditioner in Florida is important. The hot summers can seem unbearable without one. However, we know that there are common AC problems in Florida, especially as the weather starts to heat up. Here are some of the most frequent issues that pop up across our state.


Dirt and dust

Having an outdoor unit can lead to an HVAC full of dust and debris – two things that do not work well with your AC unit. When dirt, dust and debris get into your unit, it can find a home on your fan and motor and lead to lower efficiency with the system as a whole. If this happens, call a professional like Express Air to come out and evaluate the issue. We can help you decide if it’s worth fixing the issue or better to replace the unit as a whole.


Low refrigerant

Having low refrigerant in your AC unit can be the result of a few things but the most common is either a leak or poor previous maintenance. Having a leak in your unit is a fairly simple fix by a professional. After the leak is fixed, you can expect the technician to test it out to ensure you won’t have this issue again soon.


Drainage issues

A clogged drain is never good – whether it happens in your sink, shower or AC unit, you know it needs to be fixed quickly. A clogged drain in your HVAC system will usually stop the flow of cold air and lead to a broken air conditioner. These are two things you do not want to happen as we head into the summer heat in Florida. A clogged drain is more likely to happen when the unit is being exposed to the outdoor extremes, such as hot, humid weather.

Don’t let a broken AC unit stop the summer fun. Call Express Air today so we can get it fixed!

How often do I need an AC unit tune-up?

We don’t often put a lot of thought into our AC unit until the temperatures outside start rising or the unit begins to fail. We all have either heard of or experienced the horror stories of AC units going out on the hottest day of the year. Luckily, this nightmare is avoidable by regularly scheduling an AC tune-up. If that horror story didn’t scare you enough, we will give you a few more reason why getting a tune-up is a necessity to the livelihood of your unit.

How old is your unit?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the frequency of AC tune-ups is once a year. If you have an older unit in your home, however, we recommend getting a tune-up twice a year. The older the unit, the more love and care it needs to ensure it can last you through the warm summer months.

Check the Calendar

It is important to check when your AC unit was last serviced. This will help to determine when you should call your local HVAC company. If you are a new homeowner or just purchased a new unit that has not been serviced before, it is standard to have a tune-up around the start of spring to make sure everything is up and running in time for summer.

The importance of tune-ups

Getting a tune-up on your AC unit is like getting a yearly physical at your doctor. A professional will come out and make sure all the parts of the unit are in working order and make note of anything that needs further service. Depending on the problem, most technicians are likely to fix it during your tune-up. Additionally, a well-working unit is an efficient unit – and an efficient unit is one that saves you money. Your unit might be working twice as hard to cool your home without your knowledge, unnecessarily spending more of your hard-earned money. Calling out a HVAC professional will ensure your unit is giving you the most bang for your buck.

Call Express Air today to schedule your next AC tune-up!

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How to Fix a Frozen AC

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